[ANNOUNCE] 2.4.19-lsm1

From: Chris Wright (chris@wirex.com)
Date: Tue Aug 06 2002 - 17:22:19 EST

The Linux Security Modules project provides a lightweight, general
purpose framework for access control. The LSM interface enables
security policies to be developed as loadable kernel modules.
See http://lsm.immunix.org for more information.

2.4.19 lsm patch released. This is includes bugfixes and merging up to
the current stable 2.4 Linux tree.

Full lsm-2.4 patch (LSM + all modules) is available at:

The whole ChangeLog for this release is at:

The LSM 2.4 stable BK tree can be pulled from:

 - merge through 2.4.19-rc5 (me)
 - merge with 2.4.19 final (James Morris)
 - SELinux: Bug fixes for the PSID mapping code. (Stephen Smalley)
 - Fix memory leaks in IPC LSM hooking. (Stephen Smalley)
 - Fix file_lock hooks. (Matthew Wilcox)
 - update modules according to file_lock hook change (me)
 - add settime() hook (Robb Romans)
 - remove __exit attribute from selinux_nf_ip_exit (me)


Linux Security Modules     http://lsm.immunix.org     http://lsm.bkbits.net
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