Tigon3 and jumbo frames

From: kwijibo@zianet.com
Date: Tue Aug 06 2002 - 16:55:13 EST

Does the new version of the tigon 3 (tg3) drivers support jumbo
frames? I have 2.4.19 using the v0.99 driver and I can't for the life
of me get the card to work with the jumbo frames. I have a switch
that supports jumbo frames and I also have like 3-4 other computers
attached to the switch that are using the e1000 drivers. Between
the comps with the e1000 drivers I can transmit/receive jumbo
frames fine, but when I try to send/receive jumbo frames from the
computer with the tg3 to any computer with the e1000 drivers it fails.
I can transmit/receive normal sized (1500 MTU) sized frames fine
with the tg3 however. All the NICS have the MTU size set to 9000
and I initiate the jumbo frames by 'ping -s 9000'.
By glancing at the code I can see defines for the jumbo frames at it
is defined to 9000. I noticed in the changelog for 2.4.19 that there
were quite a few changes to this driver and I am just wondering
if somethin was possibly broken in the process.

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