IrDA patches on the way...

From: Jean Tourrilhes (
Date: Tue Aug 06 2002 - 15:48:00 EST

        Hi Marcelo,

        First, an apology. The changes were not as bad as I though and
I only had to fix a few patches (but I could not verify that
        This is my IrDA update for 2.4.20. Those IrDA patches are
mostly the same collection that went in 2.5.8-pre2. It fixes some
important bug, or are trivally obvious fixes. I also added some new
drivers that were added in 2.5.22. All stuff really safe.
        My remaining patch queue is still pretty full (including
Stanford checker bugs - see my web page), but that will wait for
        Patches tested on 2.4.19 and recompiled on 2.4.20-pre1.

        Have fun...



[FEATURE] : Add a new feature to the IrDA stack
[CORRECT] : Fix to have the correct/expected behaviour
[CRITICA] : Fix potential kernel crash

ir240_trivial_fixes-3.diff :
        o [CORRECT] Handle signals while IrSock is blocked on Tx
        o [CORRECT] Fix race condition in LAP when receiving with pf bit
        o [CRITICA] Prevent queuing Tx data before IrComm is ready
        o [FEATURE] Warn user of common misuse of IrLPT

ir240_sys_max_tx-2.diff :
        o [FEATURE] Allow tuning of Max Tx MTU to workaround spec contradiction

ir240_irnet_disc_ind_again.diff :
        o [CORRECT] Correct fix for IrNET disconnect indication :
          if socket is not connected, don't hangup, to allow passive operation

ir240_discovery_fixes.diff :
        <Need to apply after ir240_trivial_fixes-3.diff to avoid "offset">
        o [FEATURE] Propagate mode of discovery to higher protocols
        o [CORRECT] Disable passive discovery in ircomm and irlan
          Prevent client and server to simultaneously connect to each other
        o [CORRECT] Force expiry of discovery log on LAP disconnect

ir240_usb_disconnect-2.diff :
        o [CRITICA] Fix race condition between disconnect and the rest
        o [CRITICA] Force synchronous unlink of URBs in disconnect
        o [CRITICA] Cleanup instance if disconnect before close

ir240_nsc_ob6100.diff :
        <Following patch from Kevin Thayer>
        o [FEATURE] Handle what is probably a new variant of NSC chip

ir240_irtty_stats.diff :
        <Following patch from Frank Becker>
        o [FEATURE] Update dev tx stats at the right time

ir240_expiry_fix.diff :
        o [CORRECT] Make discovery expiry work properly for non default
                discovery period/timeout

ir240_mcp2120_act200l_ma600_drivers-2.diff :
                <Following patch from Felix Tang>
        o [FEATURE] Dongle driver for mcp2120/crystal hardware
                <Following patch from Shimizu Takuja/Gerhard Bertelsmann>
        o [FEATURE] Dongle driver for ActiSys 200L hardware
                <Following patch from Leung/me>
        o [FEATURE] Dongle driver for Mobile Action MA600 hardware
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