Re: 2.4.19-ac4 IRQ messup?

From: Thomas Mierau (
Date: Tue Aug 06 2002 - 09:44:03 EST

I switched cables, checked the switch etc....
nothing helps.
I installed an extra PCI card which came up as eth0, making the internal ones
eth1 and eth2. No I started pinging with eth0, which was giving me strange
effects again.
eth0 =
eth1 =
eth2 =
I took a tcpdump on the receiving box. It was kind of interesting.
There were arp packages askin who is and answers coming back
with two dofferent MAC-Id's One from the eth0 and the other one from the eth2
which was actually configured on IP .13
 After I shut down etho1 and 2 and ran the box with "noapic" it preforms
perfect with the external card.
Either the NIC's are broken, or the driver or whatever. I hate that !!

> On Tue, Aug 06, 2002 at 11:39:43AM +0200, Thomas Mierau wrote:
> > Thanks,
> > I looked it up its called watchdog (what else). It was set to 5000ms and
> > I changed it to 300ms. But the result is : no change!
> by "no change", you mean "still loss of 5s" ?
> If this is the case, are you sure the switch port you are connected to is
> in full duplex too ? does it detect receive errors or carrier lost ? I
> believe that cisco switches in "spanning tree portfast" mode block the port
> during 5s after a renegociation. It's easy to detect because the port's led
> becomes orange.
> perhaps you can switch the 2 NIC's cables to check if the problem follows
> the cable or the NIC.
> else I have no other clue ...
> Regards,
> Willy

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