Re: IDE hang, partition strangeness

From: Marcin Dalecki (
Date: Sat Aug 03 2002 - 18:35:28 EST

Uz.ytkownik Andrew Morton napisa?:
> Petr Vandrovec wrote:
> Hi, Petr. We're able to reproduce the ntpd thing btw. It is
> caused by cset 1.403.142.43 "avoid allocating pte_chains for unshared
> pages" - Rik is looking into it.
>>On 1 Aug 02 at 23:56, Andrew Morton wrote:
>>>>Seems that the partitioning code in 2.5.30 is sending illegal LBAs
>>>>to the IDE driver, which responds by hanging the box:
>>>I misread this backtrace:
>>>_this_ is the lba. 160086527. It is the very last sector on the disk.
>>Did not it issued an error on the console before that? Something
>>like 'hda: xxxx: status=YY' ?
> There are no error messages.
>>If it did, just open
>>drivers/ide/ide.c in your favorite editor, locate function ata_error,
>>in this function locate 'if (rq->errors >= ERROR_MAX)' and replace
>>it with 'if (1)'...
> Tried that - it made no difference.
> It'd be convenient to get my IDE disks back. I'll try the 2.4
> forward-port drivers.

I thnik the sector calculation patch intriduced by the
recent gendisk handling patches (in esp. not me) should fix this.
I suppose that we are simply asking the drive to return more data
then it contains.

I can of course try to introduce a band aid guard against such
*pysical* mismatches in ide-disk.c. At least it should
be possible to confirm the above hypothesis.

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