Sv: i810 sound broken...

From: Thomas Munck Steenholdt (
Date: Tue Aug 06 2002 - 05:30:01 EST

> On 5 Aug 2002, Thomas Munck Steenholdt wrote:
> > So anyway - How should I go about determining the exact problem on my
> > box... I've had it all along, and I know for a fact that the hardware
> is
> > OK... Modules are loaded correctly, but it just does not work!
> Try me ...
> download aumix from
> and drag "Vol" and "Pcm" to appropriate level before you play any sound.
> Jeff

I'm afraid even that didn't help much - Only now I get a different kind of error... Before, trying to play a sound, the operation would just fisish immediatelyand a few noises were heard in the speakers... Now the operation never finishes - still no sound... and I found these error messages in dmesg..

Intel 810 + AC97 Audio, version 0.21, 11:44:41 Aug 6 2002
PCI: Setting latency timer of device 00:1f.5 to 64
i810: Intel ICH2 found at IO 0x1880 and 0x1c00, IRQ 11
i810_audio: Audio Controller supports 6 channels.
ac97_codec: AC97 Audio codec, id: 0x4144:0x5362 (Unknown)
i810_audio: AC'97 codec 0 Unable to map surround DAC's (or DAC's not present), total channels = 2
i810_audio: drain_dac, dma timeout?

Any more suggestions?


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