Re: Patch: linux-2.5.30/fs/partitions/ldm.c BUG_ON(cond1 || cond2) separation

From: Richard Russon (
Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 18:19:33 EST

Hi Adam,

> linux-2.5.30/fs/partitions/ldm.c had 23 statements
> of the form BUG_ON(condition1 || condition2). This patch changes
> them to:
> BUG_ON(condition1);
> BUG_ON(condition2);

Hmm... The only reason I put the BUG_ONs in, is paranoia. I cannot
imagine how they could be tripped, since all the pointers will have
already been checked. If you wish to standardise the way BUG_ON is
used, then OK, change them.

> Could you please let me know if you want to handle submitting it

Please can you submit the patch to Linus.

  FlatCap (Rich)

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