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Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 15:55:44 EST

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Today, it's a documented fact that most Americans do not
have enough savings for their retirement. Have you been at
Wal-Mart recently? What have you seen there? I have seen
a number of retirement-aged people working. Some have
chosen to maintain an active lifestyle. But, most of them
are working simply because they don't have enough
retirement income!!!! How sad is that?

The Social security system was established to assure that
people could retire with ample financial means. However, we
can't expect that social security retirement benefits will
be adequate when we reach retirement age. In fact, today,
it takes 3-4 people to support one retirement benefit.


For most people in the private sector, a 401(k) is pretty
much the only option to accumulate their retirement needs.

A 401(k) is based on investing YOUR OWN funds with your
employer matching them. But, they're not as secure as we
might hope for.

For example: Many employees at Enron, the giant energy
trading company, chose to put their 401(k) fund into
Enron's stock. However, as the accounting scandal
revealed, Enron collapsed within WEEKS, not months, and
their 401(k) funds became worthless.

Another example: US West was a local telephone company
with a good retirement plan. But, after Qwest
International acquired US West, their stock value declined
to an almost worthless level, and is Now a serious concern
for the retirees of US West.

This is the reality of the retirement picture RIGHT NOW.



For this reason alone, CASH Evolution is a remarkable
opportunity. But, there are many other reasons that make
this the most attractive new program ever devised!

[1] The monthly fee is ONLY $25 a month, the price of a
family pizza.

[2] You ONLY need three! With just 3 referrals your
membership fee is self-funding. And, these need not be
'Personal' referrals! You get credit for them even if they
are "Spilled" down to you from your upline.

[3] Realistically earn $1,500 a month RESIDUAL income
after your 3rd level, of this 5X5 "FORCED" matrix, is
filled. Three levels consists of only 160 people,
including the sign-ups by your downlines AND 'spillover'
from your uplines.

(Internet Marketing Giant Mark Joyner, our upline Sponsor
and owner of Aesop, Roibot, StartBlaze, and many other Huge
Corporations, has just taken on CASHevolution as his pet
project and is expected to recruit Hundreds of Thousands of
new members to be spilled into our downlines.)

[4] The ability to earn up to $9,000 a month RESIDUAL

[5] 100% payout of membership fees! CASHevolution pays
100% of it's membership fees back to it's members through
the five levels of this 5X5 FORCED matrix.

[6] Paid-out is more than paid-in. Not only do they pay
back 100% of the membership fees, 10% of the commissions
from levels 3-5 are reinvested in mutual funds, stocks,
bonds,etc. So, in essence, what you have here is a self
funding 401(k)!!!

[7] Free Offshore Account even if you cancel your
membership! It costs hundreds of dollars to open an
offshore account, with lots of research time to find one
you can trust. CASHevolution banks with a UK controlled
Bank located in the West Indies and is FDIC Insured. This
Bank Account comes with your Membership!

[8] And...Much much more

The More I've been associated with CASHevolution, the more
I have been impressed with their ingenious ideas.

They've actually come up with a foolproof opportunity to
help those of us who would normally not be able to afford
it, to fund an investment portfolio and build a secure
future for ourselves and our families.

A concept of "Helping Ourselves by Helping Others."



Here's To A Better Future For Us All,

Gary A. Fowler

PS: Unlike other programs you may have heard of, You are
not left to flounder alone. OUR group offers a tremendous
support system to help you succeed in building your future.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me

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