AW: Thread group exit

From: Zeuner, Axel (
Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 05:10:56 EST

> On Mon, 2002-08-05 at 09:58, Zeuner, Axel wrote:
> > I would expect, that changes of the parent of one member of
> the thread group
> > do not affect the interactions between the members of the group.
> > Corrections are welcome.
> I agree with your diagnosis I'm not convinced by your change.
> The thread
> groups are only used by NGPT not by glibc pthreads while the
> problem is
> true across both.
> Possibly the right fix is to remove the reparent to init increment of
> self_exec_id and instead explicitly check process 1 in the
> signal paths.
> Opinions ?
The idea not to change the self_exec_id seems to be the more general
solution: less work in the loop in the forget_original_parent function
and only changes in do_notify_parent kernel/signal.c are required:
One could check for tsk->p_pptr/parent == child_reaper and force a SIGCHLD
in this case. Changes in the self_exec_id because of exec's are
catched by the code in exit_notify already.
The difference between self_exec_id and parent_exec_id would become
a real exec counter.

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