Re: 2.4.18 crashdump - P4/3ware/NFS

From: Adrian Bunk (
Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 04:10:46 EST

On Tue, 30 Jul 2002, Robert A. Hayden wrote:

> Several times now the p4 system has either frozen (usually with a
> crashdump), or just mysteriously rebooted while moving large quantities of
> data over the NFS link.
> I'm at a loss to explain this unless it starts to point to hardware
> problems (bad CPU? Memory? motherboard?). I thought for a bit it was due
> I don't have a text log of the dump, but I did take a digital picture of
> it at
> If anyone has ANY thoughts here, they would be appreciated. I hate to
> start randomly replacing parts without an idea where to look.

- Does this problem still exist in 2.4.19?
- Are there temperature problems inside your machine?
- Does your power supply give your system enough energy?
- You can test your memory using memtest86 [1].
- Is there anything in the logfiles after the machine "mysteriously
- If none of the above helps, could you type the information of the
  screenshot (best the information if it happens using 2.4.19) to a file
  and run it through ksymoops?

> Thanks all.
> Robert




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