2.4.19 framebuffer issues?

From: Malcolm Smith (msmith@operamail.com)
Date: Sun Aug 04 2002 - 22:39:09 EST

Has anybody else had any issues with 2.4.19 fb code?

I've found:
1. Displays everything 1cm to the right (compared to 2.4.18) - annoying, but ok

2. fbset doesn't work correctly - asking the kernel to change modes gives errors.

3. Related, X won't work on it.

3 is particularly concerning - it fails to resolve calls to shadowAdd (and two other shadowxxx calls.) Works fine on 2.4.18. I can't find these calls being exported from either kernel, or in the X source tree, and recompiling X on 2.4.19 didn't solve anything.

Also, I don't think my driver (SiS) is working right - the vga and vesa drivers seem to, but from memory, compiling a kernel with sis alone runs in text mode.

Can anybody shed any light on these problems?
Thanks in advance,
- Malcolm

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