Re: Linux 2.4.19-ac2

From: Tony Spinillo (
Date: Sun Aug 04 2002 - 16:24:44 EST

I just tried 2.4.19-ac2.

On booting, when it hits the IDE stuff, I got:

hdc : Lost Interrupt
hdc : Lost Interrupt
hdc : Lost Interrupt
hdc : ATAPI 48X DVD-ROM ....

Then it gets a bit further:

scsi : Aborting command due to timeout : pid 30, scsi2, id 0 lun
inquiry 00 00 00 ff 00
(This looks to be my cd burner on hda - ide-scsi)

Then it loops on this continuously. I had to write out the above
by hand,
because it never gets to the point where it mounts my scsi drive

2.4.19-ac1 seems to work fine. (As well as all the ac series
from the past
4 weeks)

To avoid wrapping I stuck my lspci output and .config at the
following urls:

My .config file is here:

My lspci -vvv is here:

I am running a stock RedHat 7.3 system.
gcc version 2.96 20000731
modutils 2.4.19
make 3.79.1
util-linux 2.11n

If I have done something stupid, let me know.



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