[PATCHSET] Linux 2.4.19-jp14

From: Jörg Prante (joergprante@netcologne.de)
Date: Sun Aug 04 2002 - 15:24:06 EST

Linux kernel patch set 2.4.19-jp14

This is the fourteenth release of the -jp patch set.

What is it?

The -jp kernel patch sets are development kernels for testing purpose only.
They provide a service for developers who can't keep up to date with the
latest kernel and interesting patches at the various places in the net.
For those peoples who like to test interesting new features of large patches
and evaluate bleeding-edge enhancements not to be expected for inclusion
into the standard 2.4 kernel in the near future, the -jp kernel patch set
offers an alternative.

Many thanks to all patch developers for the great work.



The patch set is provided as a single archive where you will find all patches
as separate files.


000_amd-cache-fix 046_i8k-1.13
001_gcc-3.1-fix 047_tux2-remove-khttpd
002_no-warnings 048_tux2-final-A3
003_lkml-quick-fixes 049_nfs-2.4.19-rc4
004_jiffies-for-i386-2 050_nfs-over-tcp
005_cpufreq 051_ext3-cvs
006_cpufreq-26Jul2002 052_xfs-2.4.19-split-only
007_p4-xeon 053_xfs-2.4.19-split-xattr
008_sis740-961 054_xfs-2.4.19-split-kernel
009_TIOCGDEV 055_xfs-2.4.19-split-quota32
010_via-northbridge-fixup 056_xfs-2.4.19-split-kbuild-2.5
011_vm-rmap-13-2 057_xfs-2.4.19-split-dmapi
012_vm-rmap-13a 058_xfs-2.4.19-split-misc
013_vm-rmap-13a-13b 059_xfs-2.4.19-split-ia64
014_sched-O1-rml-2.4.19-rc1-1 060_xfs-2.4.19-jp14-adapt
015_preempt-kernel-rml-2.4.19-rc3-ac5-1-rmap 061_jfs-1.0.20
016_preempt-lock-break 062_jfs-adapt
017_lowlatency-mini 063_ftpfs-0.6.2
018_lowlatency-fixes-5 064_ftpfs-fixups
019_pagecache-radix-tree 065_cdfs-0.5b
020_ide-all-convert-10-2 066_cdfs-0.5c
021_block-tag-2.4.19pre8 067_befs-0.92
022_block-tag-2 068_ntfs-22a
023_ide-tag-2.4.19pre8 069_ncpfs-fix
024_ide-tag-2 070_shared-zlib
025_ide-cd-dma-4 071_patch-int-
026_raid-md-locks-2 072_loop-jari-
027_raid-split 073_freeswan-snapshot-2002aug03g
028_raid-mdp-major 074_grsecurity-1.9.6
029_raid-md-part 075_grsecurity-1.9.6-tux-adapt
030_supermount-autofs4 076_nmap-freak
031_supermount-isrdonly 077_alsa-remove-oss-2.4.19
032_supermount-new-stat-4 078_alsa-remove-oss-2.4.18
033_supermount-mediactl 079_alsa-remove-oss-core
034_supermount-llseek 080_alsa-0.9.0rc1
035_supermount-mount 081_alsa-2.5.17-cs1.582
036_supermount-device 082_alsa-adapt-2
037_supermount-supermount 083_kbuild25-3.0
038_supermount-fix 084_kbuild-alsa
039_scsi-dc395x-1.40 085_kbuild-crypto
040_usbdnet-0.4b 086_kbuild-scsi-dc395x
041_i2c-2.6.4 087_kbuild-ratcache-adapt
042_i2c-fixes 088_kbuild-rtc-fix
043_lm-sensors-2.6.4 089_kbuild-acpi-adapt
044_acpi-20020726 100_VERSION

For more information, please visit http://infolinux.de

   Kind regards,

       Jörg Prante <joerg@infolinux.de>

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