Booting 2.4.19xx with initrd

From: Marc Giger (
Date: Sun Aug 04 2002 - 07:41:07 EST


Now I can finally boot any 2.4.19 kernels *yippie:-)

I found the reason why it did not work before:

Normally, I am always making an initial ramdisk for better portability to other computers. The initird is causing problems with these kernels.
When Lilo has loaded the initrd it prints out that it can't mount root fs on 302 or 03:02.....
Booting without an initrd is running smoothly.
There are no such problems with older kernels like 2.4.18 and earlier.

Well... is there any solution?

Some additional info:

Sony Vaio GR114EK
with i8xxx chipset
and Hitachi IDE HD

same problem on:

Sony Vaio PCG-F707
with intel 440BX chipset
and a IBM IDE HD

On both laptops the root and the boot fs are on the same partition.

Thanks guys!

Marc Giger
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