VESA VGA Graphic console has bug ?

From: Seiichi Nakashima (
Date: Sun Aug 04 2002 - 06:00:44 EST


I use linux-2.5.30 with VESA VGA Graphic console at slackware-8.1 based environment.
when I use emacs( 21.2 ), these situation occured. (I used to boot up with vga=771)

(1) # emacs /tmp/test
    I type a line ( /sbin/ifconfig lo ), and save file.

(2) # emacs /tmp/test
    a line ( /sbin/ifconfig lo ) displayed in emacs frame.

(3) I wand to insert few spaces between /sbin/ifconfig and lo.
    when I type a space, then a line change to a line ( /sbin/ifconfig oo ).
    I could not edit a line as I want to edit.
    this situation display only. when I save file and re-read file, results were fine.

(4) I boot up PC ( erase VGA option ), I checked this test, everything OK.

I checked a same test at linux-2.5.26,28,30 and got a same result.
I checked at linux-2.4.19, it is OK( everything work fine with vga=771 ).
I thinked VESA VGA Graphic console has bug to display in emacs frame.

Before VESA VGA Graphic console occured kernel panic at linux-2.5.14,15.
from linux-2.5.16 VESA VGA Graphic console compile and work fine,
but Pengin Image did not display at boot up time. is it OK?

  Seiichi Nakashima
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