2.5.30: buffer layer error at page-writeback.c:417

From: Ville Herva (vherva@niksula.hut.fi)
Date: Sun Aug 04 2002 - 03:14:53 EST

buffer layer error at page-writeback.c:417
Pass this trace through ksymoops for reporting
c11e7e10 000001a1 c3d1bc20 c108e458 c3d1bc20 c108e458 c11e7e38 c012a2db
       c108e458 c108e460 c11e7e88 c0159ae9 c108e458 c335c68c c11e7e9c c0165a46
       c335c68c c11e6000 c11e6000 c11e6000 c3d1bc48 c3d1bc38 c012a280 00000000
Call Trace: [<c012a2db>] [<c0159ae9>] [<c0165a46>] [<c012a280>] [<c0139697>]
   [<c015891d>] [<c0158c8a>] [<c0158dd4>] [<c0158e57>] [<c013958d>] [<c0139178>]
   [<c01391b0>] [<c01391c1>] [<c0139530>] [<c010769d>]

Trace; c012a2db <fail_writepage+5b/70>
Trace; c0159ae9 <mpage_writepages+269/310>
Trace; c0165a46 <ext2_free_blocks+146/370>
Trace; c012a280 <fail_writepage+0/70>
Trace; c0139697 <do_writepages+37/40>
Trace; c015891d <__sync_single_inode+ad/1f0>
Trace; c0158c8a <sync_sb_inodes+16a/240>
Trace; c0158dd4 <__writeback_unlocked_inodes+74/d0>
Trace; c0158e57 <writeback_unlocked_inodes+27/30>
Trace; c013958d <wb_kupdate+5d/a0>
Trace; c0139178 <__pdflush+1f8/230>
Trace; c01391b0 <pdflush+0/20>
Trace; c01391c1 <pdflush+11/20>
Trace; c0139530 <wb_kupdate+0/a0>
Trace; c010769d <kernel_thread_helper+5/18>

-- v --

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