Re: [PATCH] Toshiba Laptop Support and IRQ Locks

From: Jonathan Buzzard (
Date: Sat Aug 03 2002 - 23:27:41 EST said:
> > Two things to bare in mind, Toshiba have yet to do any sort of
> > multi processor laptop, are extremely unlikely to ever manufacture
> > one, and to the best of my knowledge the module only loads on Toshiba
> > laptops. If it loads on anything else it is broken and needs fixing
> > so it does not.
> What about P4 Hyperthreading?

The cli() and associated code in the toshiba SMM driver is for laptops
manufactured prior to 1999. It is not relevant and never will be on
any laptop with a P4 processor in it. For that matter it is not
even relevant on a PIII or PII processor. It is strictly Pentiums and


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