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From: Pawel Kot (pkot@linuxnews.pl)
Date: Sat Aug 03 2002 - 14:26:49 EST


The problem I reported once, still exist in 2.4.19. See my previous emails
for the reference:
It is fixed in -ac series though.

As Bartek Zolnierkiewicz pointed me, the problem was introduced by two
 - checking the return value of pci_enable_device(dev)
 - some settings problem with PCI resources -- BIOS/controller does
prepare them for XP
(these are more-less Bartek's words).

What helped me was using fixup_device_piix() from -ac in
ide_scan_pcidev(). My controler's ID is DEVID_ICH3M.
It is used in a different, more generic way in -ac, so I don't post the

Alan, Marcelo: is there any chance that this change will be ported from
-ac in 2.4.20?

many thanks to Bartek,

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