Re: [PATCH] Rmap speedup

From: Daniel Phillips (
Date: Sat Aug 03 2002 - 13:43:34 EST

On Saturday 03 August 2002 07:24, Andrew Morton wrote:
> - page_add_rmap has vanished
> - page_remove_rmap has halved (80% of the remaining is the
> list walk)
> - we've moved the cost into the new locking site, zap_pte_range
> and copy_page_range.

> So rmap locking is still a 15% slowdown on my soggy quad, which generally
> seems relatively immune to locking costs.

What is it about your quad? I'm getting the expected results here on my two
way. I just checked that the lock hashing is doing what it's supposed to.
It is: if I drop all the locks into a single bucket, the speedup drops by

It seems odd that you're seeing effectively no change at all. Is it possible
we lost something in translation? What happens if you just run with the
copy_page_range side, and no changes to zap_page_range?

> PPC will like the change
> because spinlocks are better than bitops. ia32 should have liked it
> for the same reason but, as I say, this machine doesn't seem to have
> the bandwidth*latency to be affected much by these things.
> On more modern machines and other architectures this remains
> a significant problem for rmap, I expect.

My 2X 1GHz PIII definitely likes it.

> Guess we should instrument it up and make sure that the hashing
> and index thing is getting the right locality. I saw UML-for-2.5.30
> whizz past, if you have time ;)

I've got intrumentation for that all ready to go. I'll break it out and send
it along. The bucket distribution can definitely be improved, by xoring some
higher bits of the lock number with a value specific to each mapping. The
anon page locality is poor with the simple increment-a-counter approach; we
can do much better.

But before we start on the micro-optimization we need to know why your quad
is so unaffected by the big change. Are you sure the slab cache batching of
pte chain allocation performs as well as my simpleminded inline batching?
(I batched the pte chain allocation lock quite nicely.) What about the bit
test/set for the direct rmap pointer, how is performance affected by dropping
the direct lookup optimization? Note that you are holding the rmap lock
considerably longer than I was, by holding it across __page_add_rmap instead
of just across the few instructions where pointers are actually updated. I'm
also wondering if gcc is optimizing your cached_rmap_lock inline as well as
you think it is.

I really need to be running on 2.5 so I can crosscheck your results. I'll
return to the matter of getting the dac960 running now.

Miscellaneous question: we are apparently adding rmaps to reserved pages, why
is that?

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