Re: A new ide warning message

From: Adam J. Richter (
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 22:28:03 EST

>On Fri, Aug 02 2002, Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz wrote:
>This case also shows limits of BIO_MAX_SECTORS again (Adam worked on
>generic solution, but I don't know current state).

        In case this information is helpful to anyone, here is
the current status of three different variants of it.

        1. bio_max_iovecs() version - This just replaced BIO_MAX_SECTORS.
It was simple. It worked, but everyone got more ambitious about making
more sweeping changes. Jens wanted a boolean one_more_bvec(bio, bvec)
interface. I made a void bio_append(bio, bvec) interface that would submit
bio that could not hold another bvec and always succeed. I beleve that
the bio_max_iovecs should have gone in while we worked on other changes
and I still believe that they should go in in the meantime. People's
systems are crashing while we argue about more ambitious solutions.
I do not have a patch against 2.5.30 handy, but I would be happy to
generate a patch for this again if there is interest in getting it
into Linus's tree while we await future changes that might replace
this code.

        2. bio_append + mpage.c changes - This changed mpage.c to be
able to handle all IO requests that are thrown at it (i.e., it never
punts to fs/buffer.c) . However, since 2.5.27(?) it corrupts the
disk on an ext2 file system with a 1024-byte block size (I have only
tried it on ext2 file systems and with block sizes of 1024 or 4096 bytes).

        3. bio_append + mpage.c changes + fs/buffer.c shrink - Same as
above, but had fs/mpage.c routines replace the fs/buffer.c routines
entirely, deleting a bunch of buffer_head oriented code from fs/buffer.c.
These changes corrupt the disk when the device is opened with a block
size of 1024 (as opposed ot 4096). This is probably related to the
bug described in the previous paragraph.

        #2 and #3 are closely related. Perhaps I will stare at
the code for #2 some more and try to find that @#$Q@#$ bug.

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