Re: [PATCH] Rmap speedup

From: Rik van Riel (
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 19:14:52 EST

On Fri, 2 Aug 2002, Andrew Morton wrote:
> Daniel Phillips wrote:
> >
> > This patch eliminates about 35% of the raw rmap setup/teardown overhead by
> > adopting a new locking interface that allows the add_rmaps to be batched in
> > copy_page_range.
> Well that's fairly straightforward, thanks. Butt-ugly though ;)

It'd be nice if the code would be a bit more beautiful and the
reverse mapping scheme more modular.

Remember that we're planning to go to an object-based scheme
later on, turning the code into a big monolithic mesh really
makes long-term maintenance a pain...



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