Re: What does this error mean? "local symbols in discarded section .text.exit"

From: jeff millar (
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 17:50:34 EST


thanks for the reply. This link error happens with 2.5.27-2.5.30. Are you
sure the kernel people are working on this?


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From: "Jose Luis Domingo Lopez" <>

> On Friday, 02 August 2002, at 09:29:09 -0400,
> jeff millar wrote:
> > I need some help debugging this kernel build problem.
> >
> > drivers/built-in.o(.data+0x80f4): undefined reference to `local symbols
> > discarded section .te
> > xt.exit'
> > make: *** [vmlinux] Error 1
> >
> A know problem with some combinations of binutils and kernel sources. As
> Debian bintuils package says:
> x You may experience problems linking older (and some newer) kernels with
> x this version of binutils. This is not because of a bug in the linker,
> x but rather a bug in the kernel source. This is being worked out and
> x fixed by the upstream kernel group in newer kernels, but not all of the
> x problems may have been fixed at this time. Older kernel versions will
> x almost always exhibit the problem, however, and no attempts are being
> x made to fix those that we know of.

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