Re: Kernel compiled from source won't read /parts/ of a CD?

From: Gary Lawrence Murphy (
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 15:36:42 EST

>>>>> "R" == Richard B Johnson <> writes:

    R> I had some problem like this. I don't know what caused it
    R> because it was 'fixed' by a re-boot. I think it was that the
    R> kernel 'thought' the block-size was wrong for the CD.

Glory be, that did fix it -- overnight since I posted this we had a
power out and this morning the problem is gone. Who would have thought
of rebooting a /linux/ machine??!!! :)

Thanks for the tip; if it does ever happen again, I'll also try the
loopback thing to see if that gives any clues.

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