Re: [RFC] Race condition?

From: Oliver Neukum (
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 13:51:55 EST

Am Freitag, 2. August 2002 19:13 schrieb Kasper Dupont:
> Oliver Neukum wrote:
> > Am Freitag, 2. August 2002 15:46 schrieb Kasper Dupont:
> > > Is there a race condition in this piece of code from do_fork in
> >
> > It would seem so. Perhaps the BKL was taken previously.
> I guess you are right. Looking closer on the following lines
> I find a comment stating that nr_threads is protected by the
> kernel lock, but I don't see a lock_kernel() anywhere in this
> code. How about the next code using the nr_threads variable,
> is that safe?

No, it isn't either.
In fact you can even lose updates as it isn't atomic_t.


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