Re: SA_SIGINFO in Linux 2.4.x

From: Camm Maguire (
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 10:54:41 EST

Greetings, and thanks for the suggestion! But it doesn't seem to work
for me: (Linux alpha 2.4.17)

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x1200a1a7c in read_object (in=0x120a61758) at read.d:531
531 token->st.st_fillp = length;
p/x token
p/x token
$3 = 0x120745f18
(gdb) c

Breakpoint 1, memprotect_handler (sig=544593856, code=4831823984,
    scp=0x1200a0684, addr=0x11fffc810 "ÃO\177 \001") at sgbc.c:1170
1170 memprotect_handler(int sig, long code, struct sigcontext *scp, char *addr) {
(gdb) p/x *(struct ucontext *)scp
p/x *(struct ucontext *)scp
$4 = {uc_flags = 0x23bdd86c27ba005c, uc_link = 0xb42f002847e00401,
  __uc_osf_sigmask = 0xa45d9d20b3ef0030, uc_stack = {
    ss_sp = 0xa45d9d20a43d9d20, ss_flags = 0xa4620000,
    ss_size = 0xa43d9088b4410000}, uc_mcontext = {
    sc_onstack = 0x9d4100008d4f0038, sc_mask = 0x894f0040a43d80c0,
    sc_pc = 0xa43d9a4099410000, sc_ps = 0x99410000894f0044, sc_regs = {
      0x894f0048a43dba50, 0xa45da75099410000, 0xa45da750a43da750,
      0x40611522a4620000, 0xa02f0030b4410000, 0xa43dba68e420000a,
      0xa43db6d8b3e10000, 0xa6010000a45d9718, 0xa77da9f8a6220000,
      0x27ba005c6b5b72c0, 0xa42f002823bdd7d0, 0xc3e0000047e10400,
      0xa75e000047ef041e, 0xa5fe0010a53e0008, 0x6bfa800123de0060,
      0x47ff041f2ffe0000, 0x47ff041f2ffe0000, 0x27bb005c2ffe0000,
      0xb7fef00023bdd790, 0xb75e000023dee840, 0x47fe040fb5fe0008,
      0xa43d9088b60f0010, 0x9d4f00288d410000, 0x89410000a43d80c0,
      0xa43d9a40994f0030, 0x994f003489410000, 0x89410000a43dba50,
      0xa43d9f40994f0038, 0x994f003c89410000, 0xa4410000a43da750,
      0x8d4f002847e20403, 0x404114029d430000},
    sc_ownedfp = 0xb3ef0020b4410000, sc_fpregs = {0xa04f0020a43d9f40,
      0x404109a2a0210000, 0xc3e00018f4400001, 0x47e20401a04f0020,
      0x4022052140201441, 0x41e8140340201642, 0xa45db65840620401,
      0x47e40403a08f0020, 0x4064052340601443, 0x4044040240601644,
      0x8d6200088d420000, 0x9d4100008d820010, 0x9d8100109d610008,
      0x40203002a02f0020, 0xc3ffffe2b04f0020, 0x89410000a43d99d0,
---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit---

      0xd35ffd79994f17b0, 0xa4410000a43d9d20, 0xb42f17b820220138,
      0xa44f17b8a43d9290, 0x404103a2a4210000, 0xa77dbaa8f4400004,
      0x27ba005c6b5b41e4, 0xa42f17b823bdd660, 0x8d420000a45d8b38,
      0xa42f17b89d410110, 0x8d420000a45da748, 0xa42f17b89d410118,
      0x2c610120205f0002, 0x4864004320810120, 0x4443040248440162,
      0xa42f17b83c410120}, sc_fpcr = 0xa0620000a45daab8,
    sc_fp_control = 0x2c61012147e30402, sc_reserved1 = 0x4864004320810121,
    sc_reserved2 = 0x4443040248440162, sc_ssize = 0xa42f17b83c410121,
    sc_sbase = 0xb4410128a45da8e0, sc_traparg_a0 = 0xa45d8b40a42f17b8,
    sc_traparg_a1 = 0x9d4101308d420000, sc_traparg_a2 = 0x8d4f17b8a43d9d20,
    sc_fp_trap_pc = 0xa60f17b89d410000,
    sc_fp_trigger_sum = 0x6b5b4000a77db808,
    sc_fp_trigger_inst = 0x23bdd5bc27ba005c}, uc_sigmask = {__val = {
      0xc3ffffc8c3e00001, 0xa0410000a43dba68, 0x203f0001e4400003,
      0xc3e0001eb02f0024, 0xa77d99c8a60f0010, 0x27ba005c6b5b416e,
      0x47e0040123bdd588, 0xa43da750b42f0018, 0x47e20403a4410000,
      0x9d4300008d4f0018, 0xb441000040411402, 0xa0410000a43d9f40,
      0xa60f0018ec40000c, 0x6b5b5b15a77d94b8, 0x23bdd54427ba005c,


Daniel Barlow <> writes:

> On Fri, 2002-08-02 at 04:14, Camm Maguire wrote:
> > Greetings! The 2.4.x kernels on alpha don't appear to be filling in
> > the si_addr element of the siginfo_t structure when a signal handler
> > is setup with SA_SIGINFO. Is this right? Any other way to get this
> > address in the handler?
> You may be able to use the third argument to the signal handler:
> given a handler declared as (int n, siginfo_t *info,struct ucontext *context),
> look at context->uc_mcontext.sc_traparg_a0
> SBCL has been doing this for a few months now and nobody has yet
> complained that it's broken for them. Look for arch_get_bad_addr
> in
> -dan
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