ioremap_nocache(0xfffe0000, 0x00020000);

From: Richard B. Johnson (
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 10:23:00 EST

The AMD SC-520 board uses a 128k BIOS ROM which is decoded
at 0xfffe0000. Of course the real BIOS starts 1/2 way through
it at 0xffff0000. This gets shadowed to F000:0000 in 'real-mode'
as part of the boot sequence.

I want to re-program that BIOS PROM from a driver in Linux.
I find that ioremap_nocache(0xfffe0000, 0x00020000) seems to
'Work', i.e., returns some non-null cookie. However, I can't
access the BIOS ROM. I am accessing something, but it's something
in low memory, not the PROM that is quite identifiable.

/proc/iomem does not show my allocation and says, in fact, that
it's been 'reserved'. I can't understand such a 'reservation' because
I didn't reserve it and I wrote the BIOS.

fec00000-fec00fff : reserved
fee00000-fee00fff : reserved
ffff0000-ffffffff : reserved

Snippit from module init...

#define PROM_BASE 0xfffe0000
#define PROM_LEN 0x00020000 (also tried 0x0001ffff)

int __init init_module()
    int result;
    if((cp = (UC *) ioremap_nocache(PROM_BASE, PROM_LEN)) == NULL)
        printk(KERN_ERR"%s : Can't access PROM\n", dev);
        return -EACCES;

If I do:

        if(copy_to_user((UC *)arg, cp, PROM_LEN))
            return -EFAULT;

... as an ioctl() with the passed arg, and cp being the cookie from
ioremap_nocache()... This hangs (forever) with no panic(). If I
copy first to a kmalloc() buffer, then to the user, it goes okay,
but it's not the PROM image, it's something within the kernel's
RAM that I'm looking at.

Anybody got any hints? FYI, If I substitute other addresses, I can
access other PROMS including the Adaptec PROM in its controller
via PCI, plus the shadowed one in low RAM. Same with screen-card
BIOS. There seems to be something about the 0xfffe0000 address that
the kernel doesn't like. Also, from user-mode, I can't mmap any
addresses above about 0xbfffffff. This may be part of the same problem.

Anybody have any idea?

Dick Johnson
Penguin : Linux version 2.4.18 on an i686 machine (797.90 BogoMips).
The US military has given us many words, FUBAR, SNAFU, now ENRON.
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