Re: [PATCH]: linux-2.5.30uc0 MMU-less patches

From: David Woodhouse (
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 09:39:56 EST said:
> I have coded a generic MTD map driver to replace the old crufty
> blkmem driver. The blkmem driver will be going away in future patches.

--- linux-2.5.30/drivers/mtd/maps/snapgear-uc.c Thu Jan 1 10:00:00 1970
+++ linux-2.5.30uc0/drivers/mtd/maps/snapgear-uc.c Mon Jul 15 21:29:25 2002
+#include <linux/mtd/nftl.h>

You shouldn't need that.

+int flash_eraseconfig(void)

This will cause an oops if it gets woken by a signal -- you leave and the
the 'struct erase_info' on your stack frame, which you passed to the
asynchronous erase call, goes bye bye.


Oh, I see -- if we fail to find a file system we recognise on the NOR
flash, try booting from DiskOnChip. Does this really live here?

--- linux-2.5.30/drivers/mtd/mtdblock.c Fri Aug 2 15:15:41 2002
+++ linux-2.5.30uc0/drivers/mtd/mtdblock.c Fri Aug 2 16:00:13 2002
- if (req->flags & REQ_CMD)
+ if (! (req->flags & REQ_CMD))


+static int
+mtdblock_romptr(kdev_t dev, struct vm_area_struct * vma)

No, although the fix I'm happy with is going to take a while to get
implemented so maybe in the short term. This is likely to get rejected on
other grounds anyway; perhaps separate it and don't submit it for inclusion
just now?


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