Re: A new ide warning message

From: Marcin Dalecki (
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 07:12:10 EST

Użytkownik Stephen Lord napisał:
> On Fri, 2002-08-02 at 06:48, Marcin Dalecki wrote:
>>Uz.ytkownik Jens Axboe napisa?:
>>>On Fri, Aug 02 2002, Stephen Lord wrote:
>>>>In 2.5.30 I started getting these warning messages out ide during
>>>>the mount of an XFS filesystem:
>>>>ide-dma: received 1 phys segments, build 2
>>>>Can anyone translate that into English please.
>>>Well I added that message when switching to the 2.5 style request
>>>mapping functions, and I think the message is perfectly clear :-). Never
>>>the less, it means that a segment that came into the ide layer with an
>>>advertised size of 1 segment was returned from blk_rq_map_sg() as having
>>>_two_. This can be a problem with dynamically allocated sg table (not
>>>that ide uses those, but still).
>>>It's a bug and usually a critical one when this happens. I'd be inclined
>>>to think that Adam's changes in this path are to blame for this error.
>>Carefull carefull. it can be that the generic BIO code doesn't honour
>>the limits Adam was setting properly. And it can be of course
>>as well the XFS doesn't cooperate properly with those limits as well,
>>since ther kernel appears to be patched to support them.
> Well, this is happening when reading the log up from disk during
> mount, we will be asking for somewhere around 32K of data at a
> time, but it might not be well aligned. I will instrument it and
> report back - will be a few hours, the box is at work and I just
> tripped it up in some other code, I cannot reset it from here.
>>It would be helpfull as well to know on which brand of host controller
>>chip this was found. In esp. trm290 maybe?
> Since it is down I cannot give you the ide boot messages right now,
> but it is a Tyan Tiger BX motherboard using the built in IDE chipset,
> so pretty generic stuff.
OK. Could you then deliberately change the following in ide/main.c

+ /* Most controllers cannot do transfers across 64kB boundaries.
+ trm290 can do transfers within a 4GB boundary, so it changes
+ this mask accordingly. */
+ ch->seg_boundary_mask = 0xffff;
+ /* Some chipsets (cs5530, any others?) think a 64kB transfer
+ is 0 byte transfer, so set the limit one sector smaller.
+ In the future, we may default to 64kB transfers and let
+ invidual chipsets with this problem change ch->max_segment_size. */
+ ch->max_segment_size = (1<<16) - 512;

I would in esp. like to see the result of setting ch->max_segment_size
= (1 << 15).

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