Console scrolling in kernel 2.4.xx

From: Michael Knigge (
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 06:01:14 EST

Hi all,

I have a IGEL Etherminal C Thin Client (that's a "real" computer with
a Cyrix Media GX CPU, and nearly everything you need on board: LAN,
ser, par and VGA).

With Linux there are no problems, but with Kernels 2.4.xx
scrolling doesn't work :-((((

If the kernel boots the screen is filled up with kernel-messages. If
it reached the last line, the screen isn't scrolled up (but booting
continues - if Linux is up I can telnet to this box).....

Any ideas? How can I help to find the bug (ehem, if it is one)....


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