Re: large page patch

From: William Lee Irwin III (
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 22:47:01 EST

On Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 05:37:46PM -0700, Andrew Morton wrote:
> This is a large-page support patch from Rohit Seth, forwarded
> with his permission (thanks!).

Overall, the code looks very clean.

(1) So there are now 4 of these things. How do they compare to each
        other? Where are the comparison benchmarks? How do their
        features compare? Which one(s) do users want?

(2) The allocation policies for pagetables mapping the things may as
        well do some kind of lookup, sharing, and cacheing; it's likely
        a significant number of the users of the shm segment will be
        mapping them more or less the same way given database usage
        patterns. It's not a significant amount of space, but kernels
        should be frugal about space, and with many tasks as is typical
        of databases, the savings may well add up to a small but
        respectable chunk of ZONE_NORMAL.

(3) As long as the interface is explicit, it might as well drop flags
        into shm and mmap. There isn't even C library support for these
        things as they are... time to int $0x80 again so I can test.

(4) Requiring app awareness of page alignment looks like an irritating
        porting issue, which doesn't sound as trivial as it would
        otherwise be in already extremely cramped 32-bit virtual
        address spaces.

(5) What's in it for the average user? It's doubtful GNOME will be
        registering memory blocks with these syscalls anytime soon.
        Granted, the opportunities for reducing TLB load this way
        are small on desktop systems, but it doesn't feel quite
        right to just throw mappings of magic physical memory into the
        hands of a few enlightened apps on machines with memory to burn
        and leave all others in the cold.
        By several accounts "scalability" is defined as "performing as
        well on large machines as it does on small ones" ... but this
        seems to be a method of circumventing the kernel's own memory
        management as opposed to a method of improving it in all cases.

(6) As far as reconfiguring, I'm slightly concerned about the robustness
        of change_large_page_mem_size() in terms of how likely it is to
        succeed. Some on-demand defragmentation looks like it should be
        implemented to make it more reliable (now possible thanks to
        rmap). In general, the sysctl seems to lack some adaptivity.
        Granting root privileges to the workload vs. perpetual
        monitoring to find the ideal pool size sounds like a headache.

(7) I'm a little worried by the following:

zone(0): 4096 pages.
zone(1): 225280 pages.
BUG: wrong zone alignment, it will crash
zone(2): 3964928 pages.

My machine doesn't seem to care, but others' might.

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