2.5 Problem Status report

From: Thomas Molina (tmolina@cox.net)
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 21:39:26 EST

Linus has issued 2.5.30 so here is an updated status report. The most
current version is at


I've discovered I don't see everything (duh!) and I also may miss the
significance of a message. Several times I've been told a particular
problem has been fixed by a bk patch which I've not seen. Sure enough,
someone either reports that the problem no longer manifests itself, or
discussion ceases. I can't document what I can't see, so if it isn't
discussed, it won't be reported here.

The sigmask problem is being carried as open. However, the latest series
of messages has seemingly transitioned into a policy discussion.

There doesn't appear to be agreement whether a generic ide problem exists.
Even if one does exist, Linus has four patchsets (108-111) in 2.5.30,
making it difficult to track individual problems. I do have a couple
in the current list, and there are specific comments on each. I'll track
those as best I can, but I'm not going to carry the "generic" ide

I hope this is proving useful. Feedback is welcome.

            Kernel Problem Reports as of 01 Aug
   Problem Title Status Discussion
   IDE problem closed 2.5.29
   RAID closed 2.5.28
   OOPS with date closed 2.5.28
   cpqarray broken since 2.5.19 closed 2.5.28
   schedule() with irqs disabled! proposed fix 2.5.29
   ISDN broken? closed 2.5.28
   bonding driver failure in 2.5 open 2.5.29
   serial oops proposed fix 2.5.29
   NUMA-Q minimal workaround updates open 2.5.29
   PnP BIOS problem open 2.5.29
   New connections stall open 2.5.29
   JFS oops open 2.5.29
   ide option problem open 2.5.29
   ide cli/sti removal open 2.5.29
   serial core on embedded PPC open 2.5.29
   handle_scancode oops open 2.5.29
   spinlock deadlock open 2.5.29
   smp cpu problem open 2.5.29
   sigmask problem open 2.5.29

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