Re: Funding GPL projects or funding the GPL?

From: Hans Reiser (
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 20:15:24 EST

I'd just like to add that I respect Larry's problems regarding:

* small number of seats means large number of dollars per seat is
necessary to justify the business investment

* people modifying the source to turn off open logging and thus
defeating his original business model (this would really piss me off also)

He is also an all around nice guy who has given us some nice tools, and
tries hard to be generous while keeping his business alive.

I would like to see him try making his license such that if open logging
is not used, and he is not paid a license fee, then the user has agreed
that the software is GPL'd and any potential user may sue to claim that
software. I think this would scare managers into paying their fees, and
I think it would work, but I also understand and respect that it is not
my business that would go under if I was wrong, and it is not I who
would have to explain to his workers why payroll couldn't be met.


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