Re: USB and PCMCIA drop out simultaneously during heavy data transfers (2.4.18)

From: Vassili Papavassiliou (pvs@NMSU.Edu)
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 14:13:31 EST

| Your logs shows several
| "Jul 18 14:58:33 localhost kernel: wvlan_cs: This is a PrismII card, not a
| Wavelan IEEE card :-( "
| ...
| I do also use USB, memory card with quite big transfers. And I have never seen
| this problem - I will look for it...
| /RogerL

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I showed the error logs for this
card and driver as an example; however I see the same problem (simultaneous
disconnects) using a 3Com 589D Ethernet card, an Adaptec 1480A SCSI adapter
and even a PCMCIA modem (Gateway). All work fine until I move a USB mouse
while a lot of data flows through the PCMCIA card (small transfers do not
automatically hang the two). I don't have other USB devices with me at the
moment to try, but I believe I have seen the effect in the past with others.

I'd be happy to attach more logs if someone wants to poke, and also to try
suggestions for different settings etc. Thanks again,


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