Re: Kernel panic on Dual Athlon MP

Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 12:48:11 EST

Alan Cox wrote:

>My board won't even POST with a tg3 card in it. With a newer BIOS it
Great, I had plans to put a tg3 card in my dual Athlon box.
Do you know if this is a Tiger board only problem? I have
the Thunder S2462UNG with just the MP chipset. How
new of a bios? I don't plan to use the tg3 card on the box
until 2.4.19 comes out due to the important fixes in it for
the tg3.

>passes the POST test and seems to work with the kernel fixups for the
>PCI bridges. There are also multiple people who had 3ware problems with
I have 2 3ware 7850's on a dual Athlon MP 1900 box and I have
no problems yet with it. I am about to increase the network to
gigi speed and I hope it has no problems. Currently this is
with 2.4.18.

>very fast machines, but I gather the latest driver merge fixed that.
>So 2.4.9 I'd certainly expect to fail dismally. 2.4.18 ought to be ok as
>should 2.4.19rc4. I run my board with an aacraid scsi and with netgear
>ethernet and its stable.
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