Re: [PATCH] console part 2.

From: James Simmons (
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 12:26:48 EST

> A quick read through reveals:
> - printk("mdacon: MDA card not detected.\n");
> + printk("KERN_WARNING mdacon: MDA card not detected.\n");
> KERN_WARNING and friends should be outside the quotes.


> Secondly, the absolutely gigantic "switch (vc_state) {" stuff with
> extra layers of switch statements below it in decvte.c - I find this
> rather disgusting to read. I bet the resulting asm is also disgusting.
> Isn't there a cleaner solution to this? (I've been carrying around
> since 2.2 patches to the console layer to split this up mainly because
> some older versions of ARM gcc choked on it. I'm not certain about
> current versions though.)

Yes it is disgusting. That is one of the reasons I placed it into a
seperate file. It is the same code as before. Could you send me that
patch. I'm interested in it :-)

> Also, something that should probably be fixed one day, but I wouldn't
> call it a show stopper:
> -#define SIZE(x) (sizeof(x)/sizeof((x)[0]))
> +#define SIZE(x) (sizeof(x)/sizeof((x)[0]))
> We have ARRAY_SIZE(x) in linux/kernel.h which does this already.


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