[PANIC] APM bug with -rc4 and -rc5

From: Willy TARREAU (willy@w.ods.org)
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 08:32:02 EST


I've narrowed down the APM problem encountered in -rc5. In fact, it also
affects -rc4, but not -rc3. I'm a bit stumped since the changes are not
too heavy...

The crash happens at the same place with -rc4 and -rc5 : 0xc0120d0c

c0120cec: fb sti
c0120ced: bb 40 a2 39 c0 mov $0xc039a240,%ebx
c0120cf2: f7 c6 01 00 00 00 test $0x1,%esi
c0120cf8: 74 08 je c0120d02 <do_softirq+0x72>
c0120cfa: 53 push %ebx
c0120cfb: 8b 03 mov (%ebx),%eax
c0120cfd: ff d0 call *%eax
c0120cff: 83 c4 04 add $0x4,%esp
c0120d02: 83 c3 08 add $0x8,%ebx
c0120d05: d1 ee shr %esi
c0120d07: 75 e9 jne c0120cf2 <do_softirq+0x62>
c0120d09: fa cli
c0120d0a: 8b b5 80 17 3c c0 mov 0xc03c1780(%ebp),%esi
                      ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^
The processor branches here (2 bytes after local_irq_disable()) !!

c0120d10: 85 fe test %edi,%esi
c0120d12: 74 0c je c0120d20 <do_softirq+0x90>
c0120d14: 89 f0 mov %esi,%eax
c0120d16: f7 d0 not %eax
c0120d18: 21 c7 and %eax,%edi
c0120d1a: eb c6 jmp c0120ce2 <do_softirq+0x52>

This code is from do_softirq() in kernel/softirq.c, lines 84-95 :


                h = softirq_vec;

                do {
                        if (pending & 1)
                        pending >>= 1;
                } while (pending);


The hand-written traces show that this function was correctly called by
ksoftirqd(), which in turn was called by kernel_thread().

Part of the hand-written oops shows :
eax=00000900 ebx=c039a260 ecx=00000000 edx=c0390000
esi=00000000 edi=fffffff7 ebp=00000000 esp=c15b1fc8

Since softirq_vec is c039a240 in my System.map, I can deduce that h->action(h)
has been called 4 times because it's 8 bytes long. <pending> is represented
by %esi here, which is null. So this implies that it's not the call to h->action(h)
which branched to this place. But int this case, I don't see how the CPU
can branch here (a ret prehaps ?). I don't see in what this can be related to
the "apm=power-off" case either.

Alan, I believe you have the same mobo, but with two MPs on it. Although I've
never had any SMP problem with XPs, did you notice anything strange with APM
on 2.4.19-rc[45] ? I will check 2.4.19-rc3-ac5 to see if it hangs too...


> Marcelo,
> I observe a kernel panic at boot time if I set apm=power-off. OK with apm=off.
> This is on an ASUS A7M266D with two Athlon XP 1800+. Since it works well on
> 2.4.19-pre10, I'm recompiling intermediate versions to check which one brought
> the problem.
> This is rather strange, since the crash occurs in do_softirq, but 2 bytes after
> the beginning of an instruction :
> c0120d09 fa cli
> c0120d0a 8b b5 80 17 3c c0 mov 0xc03c1780(%ebp),%esi
> The crash occurs at c0120d0c (80 17 3c c0 ...). Seems like a bad pointer
> somewhere.

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