2.4.19-rc5 from 2.4.18

From: Bruce (bruce@toorak.com)
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 05:21:31 EST

I have a problem that has manifested itself since 2.4.19-rcx.

An ADSL driver (1483-2.4.16.o) for the DLINK dsl100d PCI ADSL modem
operational under 2.4.18 has been broken since 2.4.19,
specifically under rc3,rc4 and rc5. (Haven't tested rc2 or rc1)

It appears to get/interpret an incorrect hardware address from the card.

There is a constraint. The driver was originally compiled for ITEX/DLINK
under 2.4.16 and I don't have access to the source.

The only known location of this driver is


and it is not strictly a DLINK driver, more a creation for itex.

For reference I use
inmod -f ./1483-2.4.16.o vpi=[8][0] vci=35 framing=1


ifconfig eth1 up (yes there is an eth0 card) This fails with the message

SIOCSIFFLAGS: No such device.

Short of rolling back to 2.4.18 which isn't a problem, any advice anyone?

Bruce Stephens.
Melbourne, Australia.

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