Re: Patch?: linux-2.5.29-ide109 small bio-based cleanup

From: Marcin Dalecki (
Date: Wed Jul 31 2002 - 15:34:43 EST

Adam J. Richter wrote:
> linux-2.5.29/drivers/ide/pcidma.c has a bunch of code in
> udma_new_table to work around transfers that cross 64kB boundaries
> and transfers that are exactly 64kB when the IDE chipset might only
> be able to handle transfers of *less than* 64kB. However, the current
> bio code already has limits that you can set to tell it never to send
> IO requests with those problems (blk_queue_segement_boundary and
> blk_queue_max_segment_size).
> The following patch makes the IDE code use the bio facilities
> to set these limits, and deletes the code that was needed to work
> around these cases. This shrinks the code by a net of 29 lines,
> and may allow for a tiny bit of space savings in the future,
> now that we know that none of the scatterlist entries that
> pci_map_sg returns will have to be split.
> I also got rid of an unnecessary variable and some
> extra data clearing and copying in init_hw_data.
> I am running this code now on the main that I'm using
> to compose this email.

Thanks! Great! Code immediately swallowed, since obviously correct :-).
However I will drop the CONFIG_CHIPSET outdefs, since at some
point in time we will make *every* host chip controller code
loadable at runtime.

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