Re: Linux 2.4.19ac3rc3 on IBM x330/x340 SMP - "ps" time skew

From: Benjamin Herrenschmidt (
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 03:49:19 EST

>2.2.xx i386 as shipped by Linus
>2.4.xx i386 with HZ modified
>Come on, write the code if you think it's so easy.
>You get bonus points for supporting 2.0.xx kernels
>and the IA-64 kernel with that same executable.
>Maybe you think I should tell these people to go to Hell?
>In that case, what about the Alpha systems that ran HZ at
>1200 instead of 1024?

Isn't HZ value passed down to userland via the ELF aux table ?

(At least the "userland visible" one, which isn't the kernel
internal one in recent 2.5's, oh well...)

That's a reason I don't understand why Linus did this separation
between "userland visibl" HZ and kernel internal HZ. I would have
just changed the kernel HZ and let userland be fixed to use the
value passed via the aux table instead of hard coding it.


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