PCI: System does not support PCI

From: James Gale (jimg@eskimo.com)
Date: Sun Jun 30 2002 - 18:49:32 EST


I'm posting this in hope that someone can explain the problem
I am seeing, or corroborate my story. I'm not subscribed to this
list so please CC me on any replies. I've moved my old hard-disk
with a 2.4 kernel to a new computer and tried to boot it up. I
get a strange message when I do that:

        PCI: System does not support PCI

I don't have a /proc/pci file after boot-up either.

The new computer is an Athlon based Shuttle FS40 motherboard which,
of course, has a PCI bus. So what would cause the kernel to think
that this board doesn't support PCI? I've fooled with a few different
kernels that all give this error, but mostly I'm trying to boot my
stock Debian 2.4.18 kernel. Has anybody else seen this problem?


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