Re: Can't boot from /dev/md0 (RAID-1)

From: Juri Haberland (
Date: Sun Jun 30 2002 - 08:11:15 EST

Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk wrote:
>> Hm, I'm no lilo nor raid expert, but I'd suggest to strip down the
>> lilo.conf to the defaults. E.g. I have:
>> prompt
>> timeout=50
>> default=linux
>> boot=/dev/md2
>> map=/boot/map
>> install=/boot/boot.b
>> message=/boot/message
>> image=/boot/vmlinuz
>> label=linux
>> read-only
>> root=/dev/md0
> hm...
> still gave me 'LI'
> I beleive it might be because LILO need to be installed on the first drive
> BIOS finds (/dev/hdm). I might try to address it as 0x80? Do you think
> that'll help?

I assume the onboard IDE stuff (hdm) is something like a Promise
controller. If so you should be able set the boot order to boot from the
normal IDE chipset (hda/hdb). If doesn't help I'd suggest that you ask
on the linux-raid mailing list.


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