Re: Twister chipset... other stuff... sheesh...

From: Ragnar Hojland Espinosa (
Date: Sat Jun 29 2002 - 14:43:13 EST

On Fri, Jun 28, 2002 at 06:15:17PM -0700, Kerl, John wrote:
> is 42 MB (ctags -R) vs. 13 MB (make tags).
> Also, you shouldn't (TM) have to search the tags
> file yourself. Emacs & vi & vim have commands such
> as "show me the file this symbol is in", with just
> a few keystrokes, and the editor will do the grunt
> work of searching the tags file for you, as well as
> getting you back where you came from ("tag stack").
> All you have to do is tell the editor where the tags
> file is. (Sorry to be vague on *how*, but I'm a vim

Also see man ref(1) and less -t for everyday tools.

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