Logitech Wingman RumblePad and HID

From: German Gomez Garcia (german@piraos.com)
Date: Sat Jun 29 2002 - 13:28:08 EST


        I would like to know if there is support in the kernel (I'm
using 2.4.19-10-ac2) for the Logitech Wingman RumblePad USB gamepad.
If I plug it into the USB port I get HID information (attached). If you
want me to test something (newer versions anywhere??) just ask.
        Currently it isn't working, or at least I'm not able to make
jstest or jscal working (after loading joydev), all I get when running
the jscal and the jstest is attached also. The problem with both
programs is that they totally ignore any movement or pusing of a button
in the gamepad.


        - german

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