kernel 2.4.7 (cant format with i=1024?)

Date: Sat Jun 29 2002 - 09:56:52 EST

Hey all,
        I kickstart my boxes, and have run into something very odd with
kernel 2.4.7: In my post install script, I unmount a partition and I
reformat it so blocks and inodes are 1024(mkfs -b 1024 -i 1024
$partition/). But, this does not work on kernel 2.4.7. Anyone know what's
up? Ive been using kickstart since redhat 5.2 days and never have ran into
this type of problem.

If I change the kernel to 2.4.18 then I can run mkfs -i 1024 ok, but then
kickstart wont work (the kernel wont install for some reason) :/

Anyway, anyone know why I can set to 1024 inodes per group on 2.4.7?

And if anyone might happen to know why you cant kickstart with a 2.4.18

Thanks. I just woke up, so I apolgize if the above is not properly worded.

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