Re: hp zt1130 laptop/via twister chipset support...

From: Brian Strand (
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 20:04:56 EST

David Weeks wrote:

>I've installed the 2.4.18 source and looked for references to chipsets, but I
>am mostly lost.
>I'd never consider myself a competent coder, but I'm stuborn about fixing
>things. Where do I find source for this and other chipsets?
>Also, I understand via is supposed to be forthcoming in an open source sort of
>way regarding specification (as opposed to nvidia). Any clue will help.
>David Weeks
>ps -- has anyone ever tried to htdig the source files? Wouldn't that help,
>such as a concordance would? I spend all my time looking for stuff, don't
>find what I'm looking for, and don't get anything done.
You may find helpful, if you have decent
network access.


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