Twister chipset... other stuff... sheesh...

From: David Weeks (
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 19:34:53 EST


I ctags -R the source tree, getting a 28meg tag file, and searched it in

Sheeshhsh... I've got a dotcom network to admin., php/postgres/ssh apps to
develop, and all the business crap needed to "run" a business to deal with.
(you know, all that gov crap that's got nothing to do with making YOUR OWN

Basically I want to use this laptop as a proof of concept demo to all the
un-free masses out there who think linux is bad cause (Apple using) Rush
Limbaugh sez so. But a laptop with NO power management and NO sound is the
proof of concept the Evil people would like me to show.

This sucks.

John, thanks for the ctags tip. It helped now, and will even more in the


PS -- I'm damned tired of manufactures NOT supporting us. Are we a market or

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