Re: 2.4.19-rc1 + O(1) scheduler

From: J Sloan (
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 15:37:05 EST

Alexandre P. Nunes wrote:

>> That would be nice... but no -
>> both -aa and -ac have it though, and it seems
>> solid, so maybe there's hope for 2.4 mainline
>> getting it eventually.
>> Joe
> I said "not perfect" because a rather non-important benchmarking
> called quake 3 seens a lot worse in pre10-ac2 with preemptive patches
> when compared against -pre10 with preemptive patches: sound and screen
> popped sometimes, like if there was a background task borrowing some
> cpu, which was not the case, I mean, no other background tasks
> compared with testing against -pre10. That was the only exception to
> the above paragraph that I can remember of.

I am running -pre10-ac2 on one box - but also
the preemptive patch - are you running that?

On another box, I'm running -pre10aa4, which
also includes the low latency mini patch.

I also follow the q3a benchmark closely, and
RtCW as well. (The enemy is weakened!)

-ac + preempt and -aa both seem OK here, but
I prefer -aa since I use tux.


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