Re: Problems with wait queues

Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 07:36:24 EST

> > Do not ever use sleep_on() and friends. Almost all usage of these
> > functions will be buggy.
> >
> Whatever your message means; perhaps it was a way of saying "Hello"
> to an old friend?
> Attached is a file showing about 485 usages of 'sleep_on' in the
> kernel drivers. If this usage is, as you say, buggy then will you
> please inform us unwashed hordes what we should use to replace these?

The simplest way is with the wait_event[_interruptible] macros.
In newer versions of the USB drivers, you'll find examples.
You may also set your task's state and put yourself on a waitqueue,
before you do something that will cause you to be woken up.

And yes, most examples you found are buggy, as they can miss
a wakeup.
To use sleep_on safely you must make sure that you cannot be woken up
before you begin to sleep.


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