Re: New Zaurus Wishlist - removable media handling

From: David D. Hagood (
Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 21:18:37 EST

Tomasz Rola wrote:

> As a former Amiga user and now yet another Linux user, I probably know
> what you mean. Well, I'm not a kernel engineer but maybe it could be done
> with a virtual fs like /dev - so that

This sounds like autofs - you'd just need a program to scan all
available removable block devices, and look for a "label" to ID the
media - either a (V)FAT label, or an EXT(23) label, or XFS label, or....

Then you mount the named volume as needed, with a 10 second umount
timeout, so that you can remove it easily.

No need to add stuff to the kernel, it's already there.

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