Re: [PATCH/RFC 2.4.19-rc1] Fix dependancies on keybdev.o

From: Brad Hards (
Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 21:36:24 EST

On Wed, 26 Jun 2002 02:06, Tom Rini wrote:
> Right now drivers/input/keybdev.o depends on drivers/char/keyboard.o for
> handle_scancode, keyboard_tasklet and kbd_ledfunc. However, compiling
> drivers/char/keyboard.o isn't quite straight forward, as we have:
> obj-$(CONFIG_VT) += keyboard.o $(KEYMAP) $(KEYBD)
> else
> obj-$(CONFIG_PCI) += keyboard.o $(KEYMAP)
> endif
> in drivers/char/Makefile
> To attempt to work around this, I've come up with the following patch
> for drivers/input/ Comments?
Here is a bit of arch/i386/
# input before char - char/joystick depends on it. As does USB.
source drivers/input/
source drivers/char/

So it will still crap out, because CONFIG_VT and CONFIG_SUN_KEYBOARD won't be
set early enough.

Three possible options, none of them especially good:
1. Do various munging of config and make setup and try to cover this.
2. Move keyboard handling code to input subsystem
3. Do wholesale backport of input subsystem from 2.5


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